Research Projects

Asmar, C (Project Leader, University of Melbourne). (2008-9 with extension funding 2011, 2012). Teaching Fellowship: Indigenous teaching and learning in Australian Universities: Developing research-based exemplars for good practice. Funded by the OLT,

Bartlett, B. (Project Leader, Griffith University). (2011-ongoing). Enhancing Indigenous content in performing arts curricula through service learning with Indigenous communities. Funded by the OLT,

Dickson, M. (Project Leader, University of Sydney). Creating a collaborative learning community for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health promotion students. Funded by the OLT,

Goldfinch, T. (Project Leader, UoW).(2013-ongoing). Integrating Indigenous student support through Indigenous perspectives embedded in engineering curricula.

Mackinlay, E (Project Leader, The University of Queensland). (2010-2012). Exploring problem-based learning pedagogy as transformative education in Indigenous Australian studies. Funded by the OLT,

Matthews, C (Project Leader, Griffith University). (2009-ongoing). Facilitating a whole-of-university approach to Indigenous curriculum development: leadership frameworks for cultural partnership. Funded by the OLT,

Mooney, J (Project Leader, The University of Sydney). (2011-ongoing). Indigenous online cultural teaching and sharing. Funded by the OLT,

Zubrzycki, J (Project Leader, ACU). Integrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge in Australian social work educaton and practice (2011-ongoing). Funded by the OLT,,_institutes_and_centres/arts_a...

Other OLT funded projects include: