The Australian Indigenous Studies Learning and Teaching Network is a collaboration of Indigenous and non-Indigenous tertiary educators who are committed to improving their teaching and learning practices in Australian Indigenous studies.

Photo courtesy of the University of Queensland
Australian Indigenous studies is a contested field of study devoted to preparing graduates with a high degree of professional expertise to apply disciplinary knowledge in situations involving Indigenous Australians.

Our teaching and learning network seeks to engage scholarly understandings of historical and contemporary relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, and to progress curriculum forms that demand quality learning experiences for all tertiary students.

The goals of the network are to:

  • Share and build models of good practice within the discipline of Australian Indigenous studies
  • Share the outcomes of teaching and learning research within the discipline
  • Explore and address national higher education priorities in teaching and learning Australian Indigenous studies
  • Build relationships between scholars within the broad disciplinary field of Australian Indigenous studies
  • Build relationships with leading international Indigenous studies scholars, including those in New Zealand and Canada
  • Support the work of scholars within the discipline, including the development of early career researchers

The network represents in many ways a call from educators in the higher education sector to enter into a more progressive dialogue to bring about a disciplined-based engagement with Indigenous Australian histories, cultures and experiences.

Benefits of joining the network include:

  • Keep up-to-date with news in Australian Indigenous studies
  • Share teaching and learning practices within the discipline with peers
  • Learn about upcoming events hosted by the network
  • Meet other educators with a passion for teaching and learning Indigenous studies at tertiary level

Anyone with an interest in teaching and learning Indigenous studies is welcome to join the network.